5 Reasons to Buy from Dollar Photo Club

Dollar Photo ClubDollar photo club offers one of the best deals for professionals seeking high-quality stock photos

on the web. Because DPC provides an online resource for creatives to purchase royalty-free and affordable stock photos, finding high resolution images specific to your needs just got easier.

A recent complete review of Dollar Photo Club sings the stock photo agency’s praises. Read on to get the 5 best reasons to buy a membership at

One Dollar Photo Club.

1. Simplicity

The subscription platform for Dollar Photo Club is super easy. You will not be overloaded with different subscription or pay-as-you-go options that will make you take out your calculator to figure out what is best for you. For this club you have only one option to join and this membership is exclusively limited to prescreened creative professionals. You will be supported and surrounded by like-minded people working in the same direction.

2. Affordability

At Dollar Photo Club you will pay only $1 for an image. This imaged can be used as many times and in as many projects as you want. With a monthly subscription rate of only $10, there are no hidden fees because you can download 10 photos for $1 a piece.

3. The Curated Selection

You expect high-quality and Dollar Photo Club believes you deserve it. Their library of images is curated by stock image specialists who target images for professional and creative goals. Unlike Fotolia, DPC’s parent company, which offers images geared to anyone and anything, Dollar Photo Club has targeted your specific needs as a creative professional.

4. Exclusivity

There are benefits for being part of the club. You will have access to 25 million stock photos to meet your creative needs. The creative professional will appreciate this exclusivity. Having a members only selection of images minimizes the chances that someone else will use the same stock photo as you. Your uniqueness is insured.

5. Quality and Variety

With your DPC membership, you are the first to gain access to over 100,000 new images every week. Every photo or vector image is of professional quality to enhance the look and feel of your creative work. Only the highest resolution files are available to Dollar Photo Club members and members have full access to the complete royalty-free collection. Choosing to become an exclusive member at Dollar Photo Club has its benefits. Where each image is always a dollar and only the highest quality images are available for download, the creative professional has lots of options. Apply for your DPC membership today and join the club.

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