Got a Shutterstock Coupon? Here’s What You Need to Know


Shutterstock offers stunning content at straightforward prices. It also offers its avid customers an opportunity to save more with a Shutterstock coupon. If you don’t have an account with the stock site yet, you better sign up now and enjoy various benefits such as access to over 100 million of amazing content, free photos and videos every week, simple pricing and more. If you do have an account, you should know these things about the agency:

  • Rollovers are unused downloads that are moved to the next month. This is possible when you are enrolled into auto-rebill with your subscription plans. You can rollover up to 1 month worth of downloads.
  • Perpetual Rights. Perpetual rights come with Standard license. It allows you to use the images and footages you download without limit. You can use them multiple times in any project for as long as you like.
  • Standard License. Most pricing and plans come with a Standard license. It allows you to use the images and videos with no limits on the number of audience, provided that your production budget is below $10,000. You also get unlimited digital reproductions as well as 500,000 copies for print runs.
  • Editorial Content. Editorial content are images and videos marked for “Editorial Use Only”. They are available for projects about items of public interest or other newsworthy events. They can be used for commercial purposes, even non-profit organizations.
  • Enhanced License. Enhanced plans come with an Enhanced license. It allows unlimited print runs. You can also use images and videos without limits on audience or production budget. It can also be used in promotional merchandise.
  • Shutterstock subscriptions offer up to 750 images per month. They don’t have daily downloads. They give you access to the stock media agency’s library and are renewed at the end of each month. This means you have uninterrupted access to over 90 million images.
  • Shutterstock Coupon. A Shutterstock coupon provides discounts to credit packages or subscriptions. They are used to get further savings. You can get them from the stock website itself or from its affiliate websites.

ss-homeWhen you use images and videos downloaded from Shutterstock, do you still need to credit that stock photo site? The answer is not always. However, there are certain uses in which you need to include a credit. Images used in an editorial context should include a credit, too.

Shutterstock is the one-stop shop for creative professionals. It offers amazing content at straightforward prices. You don’t have to worry about hidden fees and commitment down the road. Thousands of content are added every day, too – widening your choices. Moreover, it offers exclusive content that you will not find anywhere else. With a Shutterstock coupon, you can complete a lot of projects.