Photocase Review and Free Coupon Code

What if you could find a stock photo agency that offered you photos as unique as you are? At Photocase cliché stock photos aren’t allowed. Whether you are a professional interested in purchasing unique photos or a photographer who wants to sell, Photocase offers you a refreshingly unpredictable solution. Keep reading to learn more about this great online photo resource and a Photocase coupon code to get you started today for free.

Photocase Review

Get All the Basics on Photocase

Photocase is home to over 483,000 users who love the service. With its main office in Berlin, Germany and launched in 2001 as a photo exchange platform, Photocase specializes in offering non-stock images to its world-wide audience. At Photocase originality and non-conformity are praised. The agency supports creative photographers and sands outside the box compared to the classic agencies. Started by 4 guys determined to offer graphic designers an easy way to share images, the small group would shoot their own photos and offer them free to other members.

As the founding group of graphic designers became hooked on what was evolving, Photocase began to invite more photographers into the mix. As more and more artists became attracted to the Photocase model and started sharing their original and unique photographs, the service grew exponentially leading to what it is now. Photocase is home to more than 16,000 photographers and is the most frequented image resource in Germany because of its reputation for high-quality, unique, royalty-free photos.

Exceeding Industry Standards

Priced below the classic stock photo agencies but at a premium compared to other microstock companies, Photocase remains a strong player in the industry with over 315,000 hand-selected images. Registration is free and with the Photocase coupon code you will get 3 images for free and a discount on a future purchase. Compared to the classic stock photo agencies, offers a unique selection of photos that will make your work stand out from the pack.

According to a recent review of Photocase on, the service is a great way to gain insight into the European market. Because of its home in Germany, Photocase can give corporate buyers an advantage especially when they are not allowed to use credit cards or PayPal as Photocase also offers a direct debit and an invoice option. With its offering, a company can take target a European market for their product or service by using images that speak to the people.


Searching for the Perfect Shot

Searching for a non-stock image could not be more specific. If you would like to find the perfect image to fit your need, you can search by resolution requirements, orientation, and even color. Unlike many other services, Photocase even allows you to enter the HTML code for the color so you can get an exact match to your brand or website color scheme. This is the website designer’s dream.

Photocase Review and Free Coupon Code

The Explore Feature

For those who love to browse photos, Photocase’s Explore feature will give you a chance to check out the site’s most awesome photos. The Explore feature includes  the collection of Photocase’s most popular photos. Non-stock photos only make it on here based on the complicated “awesomeness algorithm” which calculates how interesting each photo is based on clicks, comments, and more. You can even browse by the most interesting users to discover new artists and photographers.

Photocase Pricing Plans and Coupon Code

In order to download photos to your computer, you need Photocase download credits. You should think of download credits as Photocase currency. You can purchase these download credits in bulk and save money depending on how many you buy.

For first time buyers, a Photocase coupon code is available from to save you money.

Photocase discount
Each photo you want to download costs 3, 6, or 10 credits depending on the photographs size. You can also earn download credits for every approved photo you contribute to Photocase as a photographer.

To get started you have the option to purchase download credit packages or a subscription from Photocase. Download credits are perfect for smaller operations while subscriptions offer the better price per credit.

-Download Credit Packages: These packages offer you anywhere from 6 to 1000 download photo credits and cost between $16.00 and $1350.00 USD to purchase. See the chart below for a specific layout of how these download credit packages are organized and how much you can save per credit. Remember the coupon code can help you get started for free.

Photocase credit
-Subscriptions to Photocase: The subscription service offers you new credits everyday that you can use to download photos. Subscriptions can save you 50 percent on an equivalent download credit package. Subscriptions are billed monthly and have a 3 month commitment minimum. When you purchase a subscription you have instant access to all the photos.

You can purchase either the 9 credits daily option for $180.00 per month at $0.67 per credit or 20 credits daily for $310.00 per month at $0.52 per credit.

Licensing Options at Photocase

When you buy non-stock photos at, you receive the royalty free standard license. This requires that you credit the photographer and the source and is limited to 250,000 print runs. If your needs exceed the standard license, you are offered extended licenses which will waive the crediting requirement, and offer unlimited prints or resale products.

No matter what photo you purchase on, you can use it worldwide without any restrictions and for multiple projects. The standard license covers the usual  uses in commercial and editorial areas. Although there is a requirement to credit the author and as the source, you can waive it with the extended license which usually costs an extra 25 credits.

Photocase Offers Great Benefits to Its Photographers

If you are a photographer, Photocase could be the perfect place for you to upload your photos for sale. Because the company values originality and unique photos, your photography must match the style. Browse some of the photos on the site to see if you’re a match. According to the site, your best chance of having your photos accepted is if you are proud of them and if the photos have character.

Some things that will not be accepted at Photocase include:

-Photos with text

-Photos uploaded in the wrong orientation

-Photos with photoshop borders

-Trademark and copyrighted landmarks like the Eiffel Tower at night

-Excessive editing and retouching

-Photos of products or trademarks

-Up-resing after the photo is taken

-Photos not taken by you

-Photos with pornography

-Multiple photos of the same thing like 50 shots of the same building facade

If your photos meet these stylistic requirements, you can upload your photos.

In order for a photographer to upload photos to Photocase images must be in the JPG or TIF file format with a file size between 1-50MB and a minimum width of 2500px. Photos can be easily uploaded via Dropbox or via the upload manager on

Before submitted photos go live on site, they undergo the Photocase review process by photo editors. The process takes between 3 and 6 days and possibly longer if a lot of photos are uploaded by multiple users at the same time. Because has high standards photos are often rejected. Make sure to adhere to the stylistic requirements when you submit to increase your chances of acceptance.

If your photo is accepted an email is sent to you with directions on how to publish it. You need to supply the metadata for the photo which includes the title, category, keywords, description, lightboxes, property and model releases, and you must agree to the Photocase terms of use.

When your photograph is purchased, you earn a royalty rate between 40 and 60 percent depending on your current share level. You share level is determined by a point system. You earn points for every finalized photo on site, every time one of your photos is bought, 1 point for every Euro you earn, and also points for community participation. The more points you have the more you earn.

Photocase Review Conclusion

As a premier European photo agency, Photocase offers high-quality non-stock photos with character to fit your needs. Prices are lower than what the classic agencies charge though higher than other microstock services. Because of the available Photocase coupon code, now is a great time to check out the services available for free. You will get 3 photo credits and 25 percent off your first purchase. Unlock your coupon code today and get access to out-of-the-box stock photos from