What is Shutterstock and Its Subscription Plans?

Having one of the largest stock media libraries, Shutterstock caters to many creative professionals. It offers file packages and subscription plans to fit various creative needs and budget levels. What is Shutterstock? It is a global company that accommodates both stock media buyers and artists. It also features innovative tools to power the creative process.

With over 100 million stock assets in the library, Shutterstock promises creative minds with high quality images, videos and music. All pieces are available at straightforward prices, too. All you have to do is sign up to the website and find a plan that fits your creative needs and budget.

  • Professional
    This subscription plan gives you access to Shutterstock’s entire collection. Choose between monthly and annual plan to jumpstart your creative project. Plans are available with 350 and 750 images per month. To save 20% on your purchase, get the annual subscription plan with 750 images. You can download images without daily limits.
  • Team
    This subscription plan is suitable if you are working with a group. It is also an annual plan that comes with 750 images per month. Prices vary according to the number of users, starting at $379/month for 2 users.

Professional and Team plans are Standard license. They come with perpetual usage rights worldwide. You can use the images in unlimited digital productions, including website views, software, email, etc. However, only 500,000copies are allowed for books, magazines, posters, packaging and other physical productions. Copies of merchandise for sale and web or print templates are not allowed.

A standard license is also required for Editorial use of images. It allows you to use your image downloads in multiple ways except on sensitive subjects such as pornographic content, politics, religion, physical or mental ailments, immoral and criminal acts, and adult entertainment. You can’t use them commercially or as logo or trademark.

If you require more usage rights, you can get a different subscription plan with Enhanced License. But, you can’t still use them as part of sensitive campaigns.